This is the Year for My Fantasy Football Team, the Alaska Seal Clubbers

When I tried fantasy football for the first time in 2011, Team America reached second place in my league, and absolutely should have won, but my commissioner decided that waiver pick ups weren’t allowed for the Super Bowl. So you’re telling me I’ve got to play injured players? After a sub par draft with 50% busts, the waiver wire saved me. I picked up Victor Cruz in his breakout year, along with Seattle’s defense, also unknown at the time, and Denarius Moore, who gave me a solid boost. Since then it’s been more second and third place finishes, with one that shall not be mentioned.

But this is the year. First off, there’s the name change. The Alaska Seal Clubbers will strike fear into opponents everywhere. For 2013 the team will roll with Aaron Rodgers and LeSean McCoy, who propelled me to a 10 and 2 record in 2011, and I believe will both have another breakout year. If Aaron Rodgers tops his 45 TD’s for that year, I’ll be really happy, but even his average performance will be fine. LeSean McCoy is poised to benefit from Chip Kelly’s shit-your-pants offensive system. Yes, this year heralds greatness for the Seal Clubbers, and at the end of the year, there will still be absolutely no point at all to fantasy football.


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