It Will be Really Sad When Breaking Bad is Gone

“These candles are getting wax all over the place!”

Breaking Bad is hands down the best television show ever (save The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie). The program has created a standard for all future dramas to live up to. Its interwoven plot, attention to detail, symbolism, foreshadowing events, and cultural references are outstanding. The characters, the acting, the blend of humor and drama… It’s all perfect. Except it’s going to end. And I’m fairly confident I will cry, not just because the show is over, but also because of the immense drama that will unfold.

Part of me wants to not watch the last episode, ever. I’ll just save it until I’m on my death bad, and if I never saw it, that would be fine too. I want the suspense to last forever. Although I know I’ll be hitting up The Pirate Bay twenty minutes after the show airs (I’m a cord cutter). But ideally I would like to make the show last forever.

Alas Bad is down to its final 4 episodes now, and it will end. But maybe it’s better that way. Could the show really continue to maintain its top-notch story? Walter White and co. have all nearly reached the crescendo of character development, and perhaps it’s perfect that the show ends now. What realistically could continue to happen, say four seasons from now? Even if ratings were off the charts, and they could make all the money they wanted, Bad would no doubt decline because the core of the story is over. This is yet another reason why it is perfect. All five seasons tell an epic story, no more and no less than is necessary to complete Heisenberg’s saga… although I feel the height of the show was during the formation of Walt’s empire (first half of season 5), and maybe they could have kept the empire going a little longer.

It’s not done yet, though, so I’m going to speculate on what’s going to happen next.


Since I have predicted two and a half events so far in the second half of the 5th season (probably 2/10 on accurate predictions, ha), perhaps I can foresee another plot development. So far I knew that Walt would not want to kill Jesse (“Do not float that idea again”), that Skyler would want him to kill Jesse (even Skyler is breaking bad, holy hell), and that Hank and Jesse would work together to bring down Walt.

So what’s next? In the recent episode (“Rabid Dog”), Jesse believes that Walt is going to kill him, so he calls him from a payphone and says “I’m gonna get you where you really live.” I am totally perplexed on this one. He lives at his house, right? I assume he means he is going to find a way to get him imprisoned, unless he means he will somehow use Walt’s family against him… although he totally wouldn’t hurt any of Walt’s family… right? The phrasing just seems weird, but I could totally be missing something. Breaking Bad has been known to throw some wrenches in the works. Either way, it’s really sad that Walt legitimately does care about Jesse, but it’s far too late for him to win Jesse back.

Next, Holly, the baby. She has been conspicuously absent from recent episodes. There is no mention of where the baby is staying, who’s watching her… When she does appear, it seems mysterious and ominous. When Marie tries to take the baby from Skyler, she is wearing black. Marie has always worn purple up to that time. Colors are very important in Bad. In “Rabid Dog”, when Walt talks to Huell about Jesse, he asks about the Skyler and the car wash, and about Walt Jr., but makes no mention of Holly. There is no way he would just neglect to mention Holly, right? This has to be intentional. Finally, there’s the colors again… this theory has been proposed elsewhere. In season 2, the teddy bear that falls from the crashed airplane(s) is pink, and Walt is wearing pink when he witnesses the crash.  It is theorized that pink symbolizes death, and what is Holly always wearing? Pink. Put two and two together, and the baby’s done for. It will be an accident, no doubt, but Walt will have to face ultimate consequences of his actions.

My next theories I’m not as confident about. But I’m fairly certain both Hank and Jesse will live. They are the moral characters of the show, and they have to be triumphant. Plus I think psycho fans would send death threats to Vince Gilligan if Jesse gets killed. I don’t think Hank will commit suicide, as some have proposed. But I do believe he will be fired or suspended. His boss has formally warned him not to pursue the Fring/Heisenberg case, and that he has to do administrative work. His behavior is increasingly erratic, and although Gomez is now working with him, as they both know, they don’t have any evidence. Perhaps Jesse and Hank will get close to bringing Walt down, and perhaps they will, but before then, I believe Hank will be suspended or fired from the DEA.

Walt… god, I am not very confident about what will happen to him. But I’m thinking he’s going to live too. A lot of people have theorized Walt will kill himself, but they are sorely mistaken. Walter White is a megalomaniac, a prideful villain who would not end it under any circumstances. I can’t find the article now, but in an interview from 2012, Vince Gilligan talks about “revisiting the world of Walter White” (paraphrase) after the show is over. It would be the ultimate punishment if he had to live, after he’s finally come to a realization of the consequences of his actions. After Holly and probably Skyler are dead, and Walt Jr living in witness protection or on some sort of downward spiral after the tragedy that has beset his family, the once great Heisenberg is forced to live alone and on the run, penniless and destitute, having failed to retrieve the money he buried in the desert. If he wound up in prison, that could work too, but he has said to Hank “you and I both know I will never see the inside of a jail cell.” And if you haven’t noticed before, Walt’s really good about having a plan, a way out, of everything. He will live, but everything he built will fall (Ozymandias), and he will be alone and forgotten.

And what about the minor, yet still vitally important characters, or even further, potential characters that haven’t been introduced yet? Lydia is definitely going to do something else, even more sinister, that involves Walt. After Todd fails to make decent meth, Lydia will use Walt’s family somehow in an attempt to get him to cook again. Perhaps this is where Holly meets a tragic, likely accidental demise. And this is a stretch, but notice how the pieces of the drug trade, and its vast levels of management and distribution have been slowly revealed throughout the show. What if there is someone bigger than Gus Fring, more sinister than Lydia, more significant than Declan (he no doubt has a boss too), who is out there, upset that their once immensely powerful drug empire is losing strength because of the drop in meth quality? Everything in this show happens for a reason, and there has to be some plot development that will come of the Czech Republic branch of the Heisenberg Empire. Werner Heisenberg was German, and the Czech Republic borders Germany. And of course, all of those Madrigal people are German. Just saying, it seems like there could be something more there.

Of course, there are so many other characters and plot lines that have not been finalized. What of Badger and Skinny Pete? Huell and the ginger stole some of Walt’s money. I think there’s a reason for that. Will Saul live? Will Marie’s cleptomania return? There must be a resolution with Walt’s former company, Grey Matter, and Gretchen and Elliot. And then there’s Chekov’s Gun, the ricin. Walt retrieves it from his ruined house, and it will finally be successfully used on someone. But who? I’ve got virtually no idea on the ricin and the machine gun, but I think they will involve the new, more sinister enemy I suspect will be introduced. I would really love a huge twist, and I’m sure they will have at least one. I think an inside man on the DEA could be a huge development, and it would make sense in the wake of Walt’s faux confession.

And finally, there’s the fact that Walt let Jesse’s girlfriend die. I believe this plot point will return in either the last, or second to last episode. Although Walt is obviously the only one that knows what happened, I believe he will tell Jesse foolishly, in a moment of hubris, explaining that he has always known what’s best for Jesse. It’s gonna be crazy, yo!

One things for sure, Vince Gilligan has said that everything gets wrapped up neatly in the end, so I’m confident that we will find out what happens with nearly all of the significant plot lines, and at least some of the minor ones. We will not be disappointed, except in the fact that Breaking Bad is over. And I will shed a tear for its genius.


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