Will iTunes Ever Stop Being a Prick and Make an Android App?


Normally, I absolutely despise Apple. Everyone likes them for no reason, you can’t put an SD card in anything they sell, and they have extremely irritating commercials, among others. No Apple, you are not a god, you are just really good at brainwashing people. Although I have to admit it is a great idea to make one product well, or at least pretend to, so people don’t have any other options. It’s actually a great marketing technique.

Anyway, the point I’m getting to here is that even though I hate Apple, I actually love iTunes, just not remotely enough to switch from Android. My question is, will iTunes ever stop being a prick and make and Android app? Are they really going to sell less iPhones if they have an Android app that syncs with iTunes and plays music on your phone? It really is a prick move to not have the app available to everyone. Hell, Google would never limit their software to Android just because they feel like acting like a second grader: “No, you can’t have the software. We don’t like you.”

It seems to me that all Apple would have to do is charge $.99 for iTunes for Android, then add a few million to their $121 billion in cash and investments. Or not, does it really matter either way? Just stop being a dick, Apple, and let EVERYONE enjoy the few good programs you do make. Then maybe people like me might actually respect you and may actually consider buying something you make.


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